Day Nine: Having good friends

Sometimes life gets so busy, we don't see or spend time with friends or family that we really love.  It was over a year since I spent time with one of my closest friends from 100 years ago, Sarah, and her family.  After the bustle holiday we agreed to get our families together for dinner.  I told her that I wanted to share a meal, but that I was doing this nutty nutrition challenge, and I could only eat...blah, blah, blah. 

Since Sarah is very health conscious, this wasn't that insane of a request, and she happily made us a beautiful meal.  We had great food, fantastic, lively conversation, and thoroughly enjoyed our time together. 

It made me think of how some people are really struggling with having "fun" without alcohol, food, and other things that don't make our bodies feel good.  I'm here to tell you that a lot of that is in your head.   This night was perfect, and a gigantic pizza wouldn't have made it any better.

Your friends are the ones who will love you by showing you they care.  No matter how much time goes by.  Who do you need to reconnect with?