Day Eight: Feeling great

Today was a normal day.  I planned ahead, I knew what I was going to eat, I knew when I was going to do yoga, I seemed to handle the normal stresses of work without wanting to chew off anyone's head.  (well, mostly.)

I was thinking a lot about the things I repeatedly do today.  Assuming there is some truth and wisdom to Aristotle's words,  pondering the things I do over and over is rather interesting.  Through a lot of soul searching over the years, I finally have my priorities pretty well set, and my daily activities reflect my inner desires.   I know that I need to dedicate time every day to move my body (some days are better than others!) I know that yoga makes me come alive inside and out (so I am in the hot room 10+ times a week).  I know that my family comes before work, and that if I don't take good care of myself, I'm pretty useless.    I know that even when I"m eating healthy, I eat the same 10-12 meals over and over.  Repetition is the key to mastery, right?

Not to turn this positively optimistic post (see title) upside down, but the quote above also makes me ponder the things I do repeatedly that don't serve me at all.  The things that pop to mind immediately: letting other people influence my mood (zonks, I do this way, way too much), turning to craptastic food when I really just need to cry or yell or talk, burying myself in work because it makes me feel "in control",  worrying about things that I have no way to change,  worrying about things that maybe I can change, worrying about other people's stuff....Yup, these things are also things I repeatedly do, and therefore, are part of who I am. 

I'm going to dive deep into another quote:  "When you know better you do better." (Thanks Maya Angelou!) Being aware of the foibles and bumps makes me notice them and perhaps (someday, one day) change them.   

Now, I'm pondering if Aristotle had a girlfriend (or boyfriend?)  I wonder if all that wisdom was annoying.   I think this means it's time for bed.