Day Seven: Eating enough

For those of you just joining this blog, I'm embarking on my 3rd Whole30 challenge.  This is Day 7 of that challenge.

Doing Whole30 the first time made me realize how many different "food myths" I bought into that really have no basis in reality.  These myths come from years and years of reading women's magazines, watching stupid television, and reading unreliable things in books or on the internet.   Here are a few that dominate my head space:

  • Eating eggs is going to skyrocket my cholesterol so all eggs are bad.
  • Fat is bad.  Period.
  • You should eat all the time, 6-8 times per day.
  • Special K and black coffee is a great idea for breakfast
  • You need milk for calcium or your bones will break and you'll get osteoarthritis.  

It's fascinating how Whole30 makes you take a good hard look at those beliefs and question where the hell they came from.  A 1988 issue of Cosmo that promised to "melt 25lbs of fat off your body in three easy steps!"????  Probably. 

The hardest thing for me when I eat healthy food is to remember to eat enough.  Healthy, highly nutritious food changes how you eat, how soon you get full, and what you crave.  When I'm eating vegetables, lean proteins, and a bit of fruit, I tap out pretty early - I lose interest in eating and get full pretty quickly.   However, when I'm not taking care of myself, and I'm not following the Paleo plan, I can put down an ENTIRE PIZZA in one sitting (if I was feeling particularly melancholy.)   Wonder where the weight gain came from?  Duh. 

Now, I fill my plate now with yumtastic food, surround myself with candles and jazz, and really enjoy the process of eating.  It makes a WORLD of difference.  Here are some photos of dinner tonight.  Notice the amount of food....

So what was this delicious food you ask?   Let's see, steamed broccoli, some roasted brussel sprouts with olive oil and walnuts, some roasted carrots, and some Sheperd's pie from Well Fed.   This meal was 100% left overs from other meals (lest you think I am insane and cooked all that for one meal.  That would be ridiculous!)   It's 7:30pm right now and I just roasted a spaghetti squash and have 1.5 lbs of chicken in the oven.  That wil help me make something spectacular tomorrow. 

There are so many emotions surrounding our eating habits. I just keep coming back to the idea that I can eat as much as my body needs to feel nourished.  Radical self-care.  

I exchanged a workout for a bubble bath tonight because I'm still a bit tired and sore from yesterday.  My shoulder angel and shoulder devil had a very animated conversation about that decision (you should go - you should rest - you should go- you should take a hot bath- no fat ass you should go (my shoulder devil is one mean bitch).  Radical self-care can be a bit tricky. 

Alas, one week down. I'm already feeling empowered and proud of myself for sticking to my guns.  There is no better feeling than surprising yourself with how awesome you are!!!