Day Six: Yogapalooza

I'm too tired to write much.  I was in a hot yoga room for 3 classes today, two that I taught and one that I took.  I've been all things yoga today. 

I know I'm not over the sugar detox bitchies right now, because I'm super annoyed at the cover of Yoga Journal this month.  It is a beautiful woman, (dressed in a white outfit that would show EVERY imperfection on a person's body without a little Photoshop- not to mention would be a train wreck when drenched in sweat) doing a very advanced pose that the majority of yogis will never achieve.   It just made me so mad that yoga has to be all sexed up like this.  

I know that the beauty of yoga and aspirational poses is what sells magazines, but lately, for me,  it's been the imperfectness of people that symbolizes yoga.  The ordinary people, the ones who take child's pose instead of pushing too hard, who modify their poses to accomodate their bodies bumps and creaks, who maybe aren't model perfect when practicing (smile for the camera, class!).

It breaks my heart to know that there is at least one person out there that looks at that cover, judges themselves against that insane ideal, and decides that they would never feel comfortable in a yoga class.   I hope they know I'm out'll always feel at home in my class...

Ok, my soapbox.  I'm going to bed!