Day Three: The breakup

Dear sweet Sugar,

I'm having a hard time saying goodbye.  We've had such an exciting yet tumultuous relationship for so many years.  I love you very much.   However, it is time to let you go.  You are toxic to me.

I don't want to drudge up how awful and painful you are for me, or how you want to pass on diseases to me, (ok, maybe I will bring some of that up...) but I want let you know that I am going to be ok without you.   You can go on and hurt other people if you must, but I am on a very motivated crusade to tell as many people how awful you are for them. Yes, I guess I'm a bit bitter about how you lied to me.  I'm bitter that you made me feel so, so very good in short bouts, but in the end you were setting me up to get hurt.  

I needed you for many years.  I needed the sweetness, the lightness, the "feelbetterness" of your love.   But I am done. 

I'm not having an easy time of our breakup. I cry a lot when I see you out in public (like at the bakery at Whole Foods, or down pretty much every aisle at the grocery store, or when you sneak into other places to try to trick me.) I have terrible acne.  I am having trouble sleeping.  I'm very, very crabby and emotional.   I want to sleep a lot, and I want to lash out at unsuspecting strangers. Grrrrrrrr......

But since I have tried to leave you before, I know that this pain doesn't last. After a week or so, I get over you.  I feel better, lighter, free...

So, goodbye sugar.  It has been fun.  I am going to stick with your sweet cousin, the super organic fibrous fruit.  

Please don't call or Facebook me again.  I need time and space to heal.

Love always,