Day Four: The messiest kitchen in the universe

I have learned through doing Whole30, that I really do enjoy cooking.  I put on some groovy tunes, bop around the kitchen and get lost in the moment.  It's really fun.  My 5-year-old joins in the process, and often asks "what's for Sunday cook-up, Mom?"  Love.  I also find that when Mom is in the kitchen, the rest of the family gravitates there too.  Kitten, dog, husband, kid.  My mom usually calls, knowing telepathically that I'm up to no good. 

You all know how much I love the cookbook Well Fed (BUY IT!) and the recipes are really doable, even if you are not aces in the kitchen. (Notice I said I enjoy being in the kitchen, I didn't say I was good at being in the kitchen!)

One of our favorite recipes is for Pad Thai.  Here's the thing. It is the longest, most drawn out, messiest dinner I make.   I'll break it down for you.

This process takes place over 2 days for me.  I roast the spaghetti squash and make the sunshine sauce and bake my chicken on day one.   Then I chop veggies and combine anything right before we eat. 

Last night I, allegedly, gave Nick the evil eye when he got up to get more.   Normally I am thrilled beyond belief when he gobbles up my food.  But I want the eating process to take at least 1/16 as long as the creating process.  Is that selfish? I think not. 

I would LOVE to hear what you are making in your kitchen.  I need some quicker ideas;)  Though, the way these plates and pans get licked up by my family, I can tell you we will be making Pad Thai again very soon.