Day Two: So sleepy

I'm roasting spaghetti squash at 8pm and the whole house smells like sugar cookies. Don't ask me why. I'm delusional. I'm so tired tonight, and I forgot that the first few days of detox make me feel like a bear desperately in need of her glorious cave o' hibernation. Last night Nick went to bed at 10, which is unheard of. We are both normally pounding on the keys of our laptops well past 11pm. This isn't shocking normal considering most days we are powered on so much cocaine sugar.

The room we have designated our son's "play room" looks like a looting took place.  Little green men, action figures, crayons, and half of Target's toy department is strewn across the carpet.  No tidying is taking place tonight. It can wait until morning.  Hope the Queen doesn't pop by. 

I'm heading for a warm bubble bath and then a drift into slumber.  Zzzzzz