Day 23: Confidence

There is this strange thing that happens in my yoga classes, a phenomenon that I have never talked about before.  About 30 minutes into a class, when I look around at my students, all I see is this extreme beauty.  Everyone looks so amazingly beautiful. It’s so strange to explain in words, but the individual bodies kind of disappear, and everyone just glows and radiates happiness.  It is the definition of beauty.  Before you commit me to the hippy dippy insane asylum, I believe that one of the reasons this happens is that we all drop our guards.  We are present, breathing, being ourselves without judgment.  This state of being is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen outside of my son’s face.


I was thinking about this last night, because I have met with several members of my Whole30 crew lately, and I have to admit, you all look so beautiful.  You are glowing from the inside out.  Happy faces, bright skin, a lighter aura.  I think is a by-product of doing something great for yourself.; to accomplish a goal, to take care of yourself, to be present with how you’re feeling.    This brings confidence, and there is nothing (NOTHING) sexier than a person who feels confident.


Remember it only STARTS with the food!  Keep up the great work.   I’m off to eat some chopped chicken and kale chips!