Day 18: What to do if it's "not working"

Not seeing what you expect?  Not feeling as good as you want to? Being impatient with results?

I get it.   You’re not alone. 

Not everyone wants to sing from the mountaintop- even at day 18. 

Here are some things to keep an eye on.

1.  Get off the mother-freaking scale.  This is not about numbers.  The way we shed water weight, the way we burn fat, the way we hold our weight have nothing to do with how successful we are on Whole30.  I have heard from several of you who have hopped on the scale (you know who you are) and I have to admit that I am a bit surprised at how much we depend on that stupid number.  Here’s something liberating (and terrifying).   As of my last doctor appointment, I weigh 187 lbs.  There, it’s out there.  There is the stupid fucking number.    Does it matter? Does it make you like me less?  Does it make my contribution to this earth more super duper fantastic? Does it have ANY significance at all?  Neither does your number.  It does NOT determine whether this is “worth it”, we are doing this because eating whole, healthy foods provide us with more energy, more life force and more health.  If you stress about the number (or anything else really….) the number won’t move.  If you accept it, the weight seems to get bored with you and leave.  Don’t worry, I’m not writing a self-help weight loss book anytime soon.  But this is what I’ve experienced to be true. 

2.  Check your nut and fruit intake.  Limit these foods for more noticeable results.  I stopped eating nuts and immediately saw a change in my clothes fitting.   If you are still grabbing fruit when your body wants sugar, try replacing with some veggies and protein.

3.  Start to up your activity.  Take a walk, take a yoga class, do some squats while you wait for your chicken to cook.  Dance around your living room, do push ups during commercials.  Just move that sexy body more.  If you are chained to a desk during the day, make sure you set a timer to get up and move each and every hour. 

4.  Practice acceptance. Be here now.  This moment, not the future is where you are.  Stop having expectations and just notice the now.  How do you feel RIGHT NOW is the question to ask, not “why don’t I feel the way I thought I was going to feel”. 

5.  Make a list of all the positive changes you HAVE noticed . This can range from big things to little things.  One successful Whole30er wrote ever little change she noticed each day and felt grateful for each one.  This helped keep her in tune with her body as well as motivated to keep going.

6. Know that sometimes it just takes longer.  Sometimes we need 60 or 90 days to see major change.  It depends on a lot of individual factors, and many of us need to remind ourselves that we didn’t get here in one month, so it may take a bit longer to see results.  In my mind, this is a year-long endeavor that will deliver me to a lifetime of maintaining this lifestyle.  I know that it will take me at least an entire year to really switch my entire lifestyle over so that it is second nature to me forever.

7. Know that you are AMAZING for even trying this.  I am beyond inspired by you.  Yes, YOU.

Here's to peace and self-acceptance....