Day 14: Sunday cook-up - Family Style

Today we did Sunday cook up as a family. It was beyond amazing, and I just needed to take a moment and share the story.

A big part of this journey for me is to have a positive impact on my family.  After yoga class, my 5-year old asked me what we were making for our Sunday cook up.  The fact that he even remembered that we cooked a lot on Sunday made my heart proud. 

When we got home, my husband had cooked 2# of chicken, browned 2 packages of ground turkey and chopped 2 big onions.  He then proceeded to help me cook four different dishes that will undoubtably last us through the week.  While we cooked we played some awesome music, and my son danced and played on the floor near our feet. 

The supreme happiness this scene brought me is beyond words.  It helps to make a "lifestyle" change when your family is totally behind you.

I realize this is not the way that it is for all.  But let me remind you, this is my second Whole30.  My husband would never admit this out loud, but I know that the first month he wasn't sure if I was totally committed to this life.  (10,000 diets and "let's start this new thing on Monday" later, he has good reason to doubt.)  So this cook-up day was a milestone for me and my family.  A chance to know that this is the way our life is going to be.

I hope someday my son thinks of me in the kitchen, playing Michael Jackson's PYT, and dancing around as I made good healthy food.   That would be a dream come true....

Some pictures of our day...

my snack food for the week

we mix our eggs with broccoli and hot peppers in the morning. ah-maz-ing.

this picture of chicken probably should have been an "after" shot not a "before" would have been prettier:)oh i love onions......