Day 12: Traveling

Tips for staying on track while you are traveling. 

1.  Bring your own grilled chicken.  I have said this many times before, but it's not as strange as it sounds. Cut it into strips, put it into a Ziplock and go.  I am not kidding when I tell you that i travel with over 1.5lbs of cooked chicken in an insulated bag.  The TSA find this funny.  I also travel with bagged nuts, specialty jerky, and chopped veggies.  WORD OF CAUTION: Do NOT eat boiled eggs on a plane.  An elderly woman a few aisles down from me did that on this trip and our fellow passengers and the flight crew almost threw her out the window.  NOT a great idea.  I never, ever, eat on planes.  

2. Make sure you call ahead to your hotel and that there is a fridge in your room.  Most hotels can and will accomodate this, even if there is a nominal charge.  I always try to stay in a hotel that has a fridge (often the extended stays are good) even when they aren't the most glamourous or sexy hotels, just so I can stay on plan.  Then I stock the fridge with food I buy at the grocery store when I arrive.

3. Plan ahead. Think about your activities, your obstacles and have a mental map of how you are going to get through them.  Figure out what you are going to tell your co-workers or family members or traveling companions, if you need to tell them anything.  

4. Figure out where your grocery stores are.  (Yes, even in VEGAS.)  I treat myself to Whole Foods baked Salmon, grilled chicken and vegetables and such.  Look at menus BEFORE you go to restaurants to have a plan for what you'll eat.  And don't forget that you can BRING food with you. 

4.  Most hotels that offer room service will give you scrambled eggs. I call down and ask them to make me eggs without dairy in them.  Eggs and cut fruit = awesome.  At the hotel I stay in when I'm in Austin, they have an eggy cheesy scramble up, and I just asked if I could just have some scrambled eggs.  Ask and you shall receive. 

5.  In my mind, I play a game where I am DEATHLY allergic to gluten, sugar, and dairy.  Then when I go to restaruants I don't feel bad asking for special accomodations.  This is also true for conferences.  Ask for what you need.  You may end up eating a lot of bland, uninteresting food, and a lot of iceberg lettuce, but it will get you through. 

6.  If breakfast is a worry, you can try mixed berries and nuts.  It's not awesome, but it sometimes has to do.  Then plan on an early lunch with a lot of protein. 

7.  Don't use travel as an excuse to cheat.  Anywhere in the US you can get the food that you need to make this work.  You just need to be assertive, ask for what you want, and find a grocery store. 

Just a funny note, today before my flight left, I stopped at Whole Foods for lunch, and I sat down next to a guy with two full sleeves of tattoos…he was kind of a badass looking guy.  I noticed he was wearing a tee-shirt from a Cross Fit gym in town, and he commented on my Paleo magazine.  We struck up a fun conversation about Whole30 and clearn eating.  More on that later.   What was so funny to me, is that I happened to ask him if I could share his table, and I looked at his food.  A bit of salmon, a bit of pork, sweet potatoes, green beans and a HUGE salad loaded with veggies.  I thought it was the coolest, both of us just sitting in a grocery store (mind you the MOTHER of ALL grocery stores) following our Whole30 plan!

What are YOUR tips and tricks for traveling?