Day 11: It's not really about the food...

Today I'm not going to talk about food. I'm sick of the whole topic of food actually.  


Doing Whole30 for me is about so much more than the food.  It's so much more than avoiding sugar and carbs and toxic food.  It's so much more than the cravings, the whining for chocolate and wine, the boredom with chicken.  


It's also so much more than the looseness of my pants, the glow of my skin, the deep restful sleep. 


This is about being true to myself. It's about living the life I want to live.  It's about making decisions in my own best interest.  It's about transcending immediate gratification for a greater good.  


It's about my happiness.  


It's about living a long, healthy life to spend with my loving friends and family.  It's about walking the walk and talking the talk.  It's about honesty and truth and victory.  


Maybe it takes more than thirty days to come to this realization. Maybe it takes "cheating" and feeling miserable. Maybe it takes wanting to give up, seeing the darkness, and then finding the answer deep in a bowl of raw vegetables. 


All I know is that I am happy.  Truly happy.  


It only starts with the food.  For me, this is a revolution.  A complete and total dedication to my own life.  Being an inspiration to MYSELF.


(oh, did I lead you to believe this was just about avoiding sugar?  I thought, perhaps, the whole personal revolution chest beating would be a bit scary and may turn you off….but there it is out there, in all it's glory. I never said it would always be pretty!)


My heart bursts with gratitude for all those who are joining me on this journey.  My heart bursts with compassion for those who are struggling - know you are not alone.  Never alone.   I send my deepest love and hugs to you all for being willing to take a risk and see what happens in YOUR life. You will never truly know how inspired I am by you. 


Love and veggies,