Day 2-3: Cranky, irritable and a bit snarky

Trust me. It does get better.  A LOT Better.

Feel like punching someone?  Irritated when people just look your way or breathe in your general direction?  Thinking some really, really, really dark thoughts?

yeah, me too:) 

If you're not feeling these things, CELEBRATE! If you are, take a nice deep breath and know you are not alone.  This is your body detoxing from sugar.  It's a bitch, there's not other way to say it.  Sugar is a crazy insane drug, and it's more powerful than you could ever know.   Your body needs a bit of time to adjust, and you are going to notice some side effects.  The good news is that it's WORKING and you are going to feel better soon. DO NOT FORGET how you feel right now, because this is what is going to come back if you ever indulge in a huge sugary treat (after your whole30).  Trust me.

One word about, ahem, your butt.  You are going to notice a change in your poop. I won't even try to predict which way it will go, but trust me, it's totally expected and it's ok.  Just keep drinking your water and eating a lot of veggies.  You are flushing a lot out of your system, and it will change your habits.  You will right-size both the timing and consistency, but it took me ahwile. 

So, I'm done pretending to be Dr. Oz today.  I'm really not that into talking about colons:)

For your viewing pleasure today!