Being brave

Life gives us opportunities to be brave each and every day.

Bravery is facing what scares us.

Taking a leap of faith - when you don't know the outcome.

Trying something new.

Retrying something you've failed at before.

Feeling those pesky emotions.

Taking a risk.

Maybe falling on your ass.  Maybe stretching in a whole new direction.

Bravery is hard. Bravery is scary. Bravery is uncomfortable.  But...

Bravery is essential for growth and change. 

We all possess the ability to be brave. 

All it takes is a deep breath, a bit of faith in yourself, and the knowledge that without taking a risk, we will never grow.

So, whatever you are afraid of...what ever is holding you back from being the amazingly beautiful creature that you inherently are, whatever fear you are holding deep in your heart, let it go....take the leap of faith.....

I believe in you.