The slippery slope of September

So for the second month of my journey, I decided that I was going to start to allow myself some of the foods that I eliminated from my diet in August.  The main reason for this was to test my body, and understand how I feel when I eat certain foods. (Spoiler alert, it is NOT going well!)

Let me tell you, my friends, I have been on a slippery slope towards my old habits.   I feel like I am on a water slide that starts a bit slowly but then drops off and plunges into a pool of oblivion.

It is a fact for me that sugar is a drug.  And this drug is EXTREMELY powerful and enticing.  Just a little taste makes me want more.  The hunger pains start again, the cravings kick in immediately.  The feeling of bloat and uncomfortableness starts again.  It is NOT ok.

So, I have officially learned that I have a much better life, feel so much healthier, and enjoy myself more when I am eating in the manner of Whole30.

So, enough about me, I want to send a HUGE virtual hug to my dear friends Rachael, Diana, Annie, and Jennifer who are all rocking Whole30 this month.  I am so very proud of you, and believe me, I think of you each and every day.

I cannot WAIT for October, because we are going to have a HUGE group of people following Whole30, so there will be a lot of support. Life sure is exciting right now!  I had no idea that food was such a huge player in my overall happiness!

Love and Veggies, K