Breakfast 2.0 - What to eat in the morning

So today I was asked from several friends about breakfast. What the hell do I eat for breakfast? Let me tell you, after years of eating toast, cereal, waffles, scones, granola bars and yogurt for breakfast (not all at the same time, at least most days!) - breakfast was a challenge for me.

Here are some tips from my experience:

1. I eat eggs.  A lot of em. I'm super lucky to have a handsome Englishman who makes them for me in the morning while I do other things, so it's not that much of a burden (ok, they show up in my hands while I'm watching the Today show. I've got it pretty damn good!)  You can change up the way that you make them, but I like them scrambled.  However, without milk, they do have a different look about them.  I also have a friend who makes them at night before bed and then grabs them as she runs out the door in the morning.

One of the best things I ever did for a Sunday cook up was make egg cupcakes. For Whole30 I left out the bacon, but just having a tin of pre-made, ready to go egg treats was really helpful for a working lady. This got me through the whole week.

For me, eggs and some sliced raw veggies (cukes, tomotoes, green peppers, onions) always gets me through until noon.  It's the only thing I have found that keeps my energy up.

2.  I eat leftovers. So, as time went on, I stopped thinking about breakfast the same way. It's just another means to get healthy balanced food into my body.  So, I would eat leftover chicken, steak, or ground beef with some veggies.  I got very good at thinking ahead about what I would do with my dinner to make enough for breakfast. It doesn't need to feel breakfast food, it just needs to get in your belly.  Energy!

3. Get up a bit earlier. I found that I didn't need to sleep as much towards the end, so I tend to get up pretty early, start the coffee, and think about my breakfast first. I plan and strategize and feel nice and balanced.  Then the boys will get up and I'm already feeling like I've got things under control.

So my main advice, is think about breakfast in a different way.  Plan quick, easy ready to go meals ahead of time and you'll be all set!

If anyone else out there has good ideas, please leave them in the comments!