Day 31: Ice cream and tummy aches.....

So last night I celebrated.  I indulged in some "stuff."  And today, I can tell you for sure, that I am a happier, healthier, nicer person when I eat well.  I felt so gross and bloated and upset and crabby when I ate sugary-carby food.  It's a little lot alarming.

So, what I know is that I am going to be eating this way for a while longer.  (and by awhile, I probably mean forever, but let's not get crazy and ahead of ourselves.)

I got up this am, felt really sick, and went right back to chopping my veggies for lunch.  It felt calming, healthy and good.

So, friends, the data is in, and I'm changed.  Whole30 DID change my life.  I know this program isn't for everyone, and that you have to be interested in changing, but for me, this is the way I feel happy and healthy.

PS. I did NOT FOLLOW the reintroduction plan....and I am going to pay for it today. and tomorrow.  I am planning on rereading that chapter in It Starts With Food again today:)