Day 27: Traveling to Mount Temptation.

I am sitting in an airport now, it's 8:30pm, and I'm waiting for a connecting flight.  The woman working the desk just hollered into the microphone for us all to set the heck down while she gets the last flight cleared.  I look around at all the hustling, bustling people…everyone on their way somewhere. Everyone with a story.

Interestingly, this place is where I started to hate my body.

See, for a good chunk of my career, I traveled.  A lot.  Like every week.  I got to know airports well, I knew flight patterns, I knew how to pack for a week in the smallest possible bag.  I thought that this kind of life was rather glamourous-  that I was a jet setter.  But deep inside, I felt lonely, and ached to be near friends and family.

I didn't like that I felt lonely, so I indulged.  A lot.  In food, in "snacks", in alcohol (which ultimately led to more food).  I did whatever I could to dampen down the icky feelings.
It's funny to be here now, Day 27 of my 30 day challenge.  I feel no desire to eat a thing.

There is a 20-something (cute) boy sitting next to me wolfing down some chicken nuggets and fries. The smell is overpowering, and to be honest, is kind of turning my stomach.  He is inhaling this food, with the boredom and intensity that I used to inhale my food.

I have packed chicken breast and veggies in my bag.  Not that I feel superior (I totally do).

It was hard to write over the weekend.  We were busy being out and about, doing yoga, spending time as a family.   I made time on Sunday for my usual cook up (KICKING MYSELF right now, because I just realized I left my blanched green beans in the fridge…what the HELL is happening to me?)  I made chicken, garlic onion ground beef, blanched green beans, cauliflower rice pilaf, and chopped a load of veggies.

I'm realizing (I'm rather thick actually) that I can change anything I want to about my habits and behavior.  I'm realizing that all it takes is the desire, and that desire for change has to out-power the smell of chicken nuggets and fries.  I've also finally figured out that the KEY LESSON here is to never put myself in a place where I am unprepared.  I know that i have enough food - even if I have to pack carrots and chicken on a plane.

Better go, the lady behind the counter looks like she's about to go postal.  Time to board!