Day 22: WHAT? Day 22? Already???

Wow, time goes fast.  It's day 22, and I have a little over a week left on my 30 day challenge.  I think you already probably know where my next 30 days are going to go, but in the interest of the FULL experiment, I'm still waiting to make a final decision.

What I wanted to say in this edition, is that I am so proud of all of the people who are reading this blog and thinking about their habits.  I'm not out to convince you or persuade you to change, but if you are unhappy with your health and energy, I can tell you, this is changing everything for me.

Tonight I went out on a boat with some awesome friends. We stopped for dinner at one of those boat restaurants and sat on the deck. It was a warm and beautiful night.  I got a salad and it was fine.  The big thing was, I enjoyed the people I was with, the silly conversation, the experience of being out in the night.  The food was not the center of the night.  It was by far secondary.  Then in the middle of the dark night, we stopped the boat outside the Monona Terrace, and my dear friend AG and I jumped into the cool, dark water.  It was exhilarating, joyful, and fun.  I had so much fun - and none of it was food or drink related.

I tell you this so that you know that the struggles are worth it, because I'm really learning that when you feel alive and confident in your body and your health, everything else seems easier.  Life is so precious and short, we should be living out loud.  With verve and passion!

So, next week I will have an announcement about September, and those of you who are toying around with the idea of doing the Whole 30 challenge, you'll be interested in reading next week.  I am here to support you, commiserate with you, be your cheerleader and whip cracker, if you so desire.

Sleep well tonight!