Day 21: People are starting to notice!

There is really nothing as awesome as when people look at you and say "wow, girl, you're changing!"  I had 4 people today tell me that they thought I was looking significantly different.  It's thrilling. Like working really hard for someone, or something, and KNOWING that the hard work is paying off.  I can't wait to see how much I have changed by the end of the year!  I feel like I am starting to really become myself.  I'm not hiding anymore. (more on this later.  right now, that statement is so profound, I can barely process it!)

Today I was asked by my friend Megan to lead a Whole30 challenge for Dragonfly Hot Yoga people in October!  This is such an honor and and a delight.  I'm already thinking of all the fun incentives I can give people during the challenging parts of the, ahem, challenge.

Truth is, there is no greater incentive than to watch yourself shrink, feel more energy, sleep better, and feel a sense of control and peace.  But I'll throw in some cool prizes and accolades too!

This IS changing my life.  I'm excited to think that it might change yours too:)