Day 13: Dragging my ass around town

Hi ho faithful readers of my online "diary."   It's 8:15pm and I'm so sleepy I can hardly sit at my computer to write this.   Today was a sluggish, almost depressive day.  Not sure why I felt so "meh" all day long.  I am going to blame it on a virus because the Englishman was very tired and draggy yesterday.  Maybe it's a bug.

I ate ok today, but what I am finding is that right now, in this phase, it's HARD to eat.  I know that sounds completely ridiculous.  I hear that.  But my appetite and hormones seem under control, and I don't really have food cravings like I did before, so I'm not drawn to eating.  Can you even imagine that? I am afraid that I'm sluggish because I'm not eating "enough".  Sheesh.  Here is the rundown.

Breakfast: eggs with some garlic ground beef, coffee, and cucumbers fresh from the market.

Lunch: baked chicken breast, leftover jicama potatoes, carrots, cukes, and green pepper strips with a glass of water.

Snack at 4:00pm; handful of pecans with some coconut flakes and a cup of tea.

Yoga at 5:30, felt tired and sluggish, sweat like a beast.  Felt a bit woozy after that.  Lots of water.

Dinner:  Well, here's where I didn't do great.  I was NOT feeling like eating, so I shared a bowl of fresh Michigan blueberries with Odie.  Another water. I know I should have some protein, but I'm just not feeling it in my tummy.

And here we are.  I am going to honor my body and go to sleep after I curl up and watch the season finale of The Closer.  Tomorrow, tune in for my FAQ.  I'm getting a lot of questions from friends about this nerdy challenge, so I will answer them tomorrow!

Here's to more energy in the morning!