Day 9: The hunger demons have left the building!

Hi all, I am on day 9, and made a huge realization today.  My hunger pains are totally gone.  I don't get hungry the same way I do when I'm eating grains and sugar.  I eat in the morning, don't feel hungry all morning (zoinks! this is a huge thing for me!) Then around the 12 noon hour, I start to notice my energy sagging and I'm reminded to eat.

Then I eat lunch (today it was leftover chili), and all afternoon, I'm set.  Until about 5.  Then my hunger kicks in again in the form of feeling weak and a bit distracted.  But it's not the same feeling as feeling like I could eat a shoe if it was dusted with powdered sugar.  This is a huge improvement in my life, and makes me really believe a lot of the biochem that is talked about in It Starts With Food.  Evening out my hormones and reactions to hunger is enough of a reason to stick to this.

So, here are some pictures of food I ate this week.  Tonight, I roasted carrots with a combo of cumin, pepper, cinnamon, and a bit of nutmeg.  Ate that with some chicken, some apple/pears and a few cherries.  Delicious.

Roasting carrots:  Super delicious way to eat them.  Mixed spices, added them to 2 tbs of melted coconut oil, then stirred the carrots in.  Cook for 30 minutes on 400 in the oven.  Magic.  House smells really good.

And this is a picture of the amazing chocolate chili from last night.  This fed 2 people for 2 meals each.  Delicious. Tonight Nick made some potato fries (not on my plan) and dumped the chili over them.   I ate it at lunch today with some strips of cuke and pepper.  Filled me right up.