Day 8: Am I really changing?

Each day gets better.  Fact.

Today, however, I felt the first twitches of my worst enemy:  boredom.  I mean really, how much chicken can one human eat?  So, I decided to really start cooking.  I used this amazing recipe from The Clothes Make the Girl for chocolate chili. You would freak out if you could smell my house right now.  It's the most amazing, rich, delicious smell of this chili. Nick just walked in and screamed "OMG what smells so good?" That's a good sign.

I really think that there is so much room for experimentation with good, healthy food.  I'm really going to have to learn to love making an effort, because it's so much easier to call for a pizza when you're tired at the end of a day. Sigh.

Highlight of my day:  The smell of my house right now. Chocolate. Cumin. Love.

Low point of my day: Spending a good 20 minutes trying to cut a spaghetti squash in half, actually breaking a sweat, only to realize that the entire inside is molded.

Real food rots.  Lack of preservatives can be kind of annoying.

I wore a dress with a belt today to a meeting.  And it looked hot.  There are good things brewing!!!

My inspiration for the day- it's not just broccoli - it's my personal revolution - ROAR: