Day 5: It's all about the preparation.

Today is Sunday, and day 5 of my experiment.  I feel like a butterfly that is peeking her head out of her cloudy cocoon.  Not quite all the way through, but happily on her way!  I still feel super sleepy and lethargic today, but even with that feeling looming, I've been amazingly productive.

I've realized that the only way to succeed living like this is to prepare, prepare, prepare.  So today, after my second yoga class of the day (teaching not taking), I took my little man to the grocery store.  Shopping it its own challenge, but really, it is pretty simple to stay on the outside of the store.   I spent $130 bucks, and got so much food, it amazes me. The kicker is, none of it is exactly "ready to eat". Except for the cookies Shortie stealthily stuck in my cart for lunches.

So this afternoon, I set aside 3 hours, and I chopped, grilled, baked, and chopped some more.  I cooked 3 packages of chicken with Mediterranean spices, I grilled chicken sausages and hamburgers, I created a meat crumble with onion and garlic to accompany my eggs in the morning.  I chopped carrots, peppers, onions, and cucumbers, washed grapes, sugar snap peas and green beans. I used ALMOST all of the plastic containers in my house.  So, now I am all set for the week. I have the staples from which I will build meals and snacks at least until Wednesday.

And, I'm going to admit, I feel like a bit of a bad ass.  I'm taking charge of my health here, and that's pretty cool.

Last night I survived an outing with my friends, who were amazingly supportive and didn't hesitate to eat popcorn and pasta in front of me.  It's great because they didn't change what they wanted to do, but they were super sweet about my choices and didn't heckle me at all.  I think maybe there were a few points in the evening when they thought I was going to jump across the table and manically start shoving their delicious carbs into my mouth, but I didn't.  Woot(!) to self control.

It will be great to get a week under my belt.  This week I  am going to focus on planning and preparation, and I'm going to try to get at least 2 of my own yoga classes in aside from the 7 I teach.  This will be good for me.

So, until tomorrow, this bad ass says goodnight.