Day 4: It DOES get better!!!

Today I feel better.  I feel a LOT less irritable, and got a good 8 hours of sleep, and am enjoying the day.  I don't feel the intense cravings.

I realized that the key to eating this way is tons and tons of preparation!  Planning is everything, so I've got my eye on the fridge to make sure I've got all the things I need to eat for the next day.  This morning, I slept in a bit, the Englishman made me 2 scrambled eggs and some coffee.  I went to yoga, came home and grilled out some grass-fed burgers.  I ate a plain hamburger with some green beans and cherries. For a snack in the afternoon, I had some almonds and strawberries.

Tonight I am going out to a movie and drinks with some of my favorite girlfriends. I'm not drinking though, which is strange, but I know they'll support me.


chopping veggies