Day 2: Still out of my mind...

So day two.  It's hard.  I am so angry at myself for being this effected by sugar, dairy, carbs and lazy, lazy habits. I literally caught myself at least 4 times today mindlessly starting to put something into my mouth that shouldn't be there...a bite of Odie's cereal, a crust from a peanut butter sandwich.  If you had asked me I would have said I NEVER sneak food.  Wrong-O.

Food wise, breakfast was exactly the same as yesterday. Eggs, tomato, cukes, pesto.  I had lunch out today with friends and found a suitable grilled chicken skewer with veggies option. It was nice.  Right afterwords I was craving sugar HARD CORE.  At 4pm I was super, super crabby, and at dinner time I actually felt lightheaded.  I made a great ground turkey, veggie + tomato dish that the boys spooned over pasta.  Felt so much better after eating that, but again, wanted a nice dish of ice cream afterwords.  Damn.

My skin is breaking out a bit, my energy is in the tank, and I'm wonder what the hell I'm doing this for.  According to my mentors and other bloggers doing this challenge, this is totally normal and I'm right on track.  It feels better to know I'm not alone.  I had NO idea that I was going to feel this lethargic.  I think I really did ride the energy wave of sugar every day.

I'm learning a lot about my mindless behaviors here, and the automatic patterns that are ruling my behaviors.  I will admit it feels empowering to know that I'm growing and busting out of being a slave to cravings.