Day Nineteen and Twenty: Feeling full

Many of my compatriots in doing Whole30 are struggling right now with being at Day 20 and not feeling good.  This makes me sad, because I'm really starting to feel GOOD.  It took longer this time, but by now, I'm feeling my sensual side returning, loving the changes I fell in my body, and enjoying the process. 

One of the major patterns I notice when watching people go through this challenge is that they aren't eating enough food.  Food has really become this enemy in many of our lives, so the idea of eating A LOT of food (even if it is all veggies and lean protein) is terrifying.  Since as long as I can remember, the messages about food were about how I should have less, or NOT eat that, or eat a BIT, but only in moderation, and whatever you do don't do THAT.   The media makes it worse, telling us a new research study says NO to this food, when another study say have as much as you want.  No wonder we are confused.   

I do feel that this need to deny ourselves of one of the most basic human needs (food) we lose a bit of ourselves.  I want to eat great food, enjoy the sensual pleasure of food, and love, feel healthy and liberated.   We need food to live.  We need nourishment to be vibrant and shiny.  We need pleasure in our lives.  

When I eat whole foods, I find that I don't need to eat as much - even though I CAN and SHOULD eat as much as I desire.  I get a lot of packed nutrients in each meal, so my body is satisfied.  It takes eating this way to really HEAR my body speak to me.  Katie, you're hungry.  Katie, you're tired.  Katie, you're full.  It's amazing how deaf I am to my own body when i eat foods loaded with sugar and preservatives.   My body is AMAZING in its ability to tell me what it needs, but i really need to be in a place to listen.

In order to thrive, we need to eat.  We need to be present and take care of ourselves and find the sweet nurturing spot between pleasure and excess.

When I think of why I do this program and why I coach other people through it, it is because I know that this battle between people and food needs to end.  We deserve a light, healthy, vibrant life.   FULL of food, FULL of laughter, FULL of pleasure, FULL of zest.  

I'm going to go eat some brussel sprouts.  LOTS of them.