September plan + WELCOME to newbies!

So it's September, one month completed in the Whole 30 challenge.  My plan for this experiment was to commit to the program 100% for 30 days, and then assess how I felt.  So after crossing the proverbial finish line, I decided that I would allow some "stuff" back in to my diet in September, and then in October, I will go through the Whole 30 again.

But here's the interesting thing.  I indulged a few times in "off plan" foods, and I really didn't like the way I felt.  It wasn't worth it.  Would the conversation with my girlfriends be less interesting if I hadn't had a glass of wine? No.  Did I feel better after I ate 1/2 a pint of Chunky Monkey.  No. I felt sick and bloated and puffy.

So, I am going to stick to the Whole 30 way of life for awhile. (Forever? Hmmm...) I like how I feel.  I like my energy levels.  I have to admit publicly that when I eat gluten, I break out in a horrible rash on my back and butt that is horribly uncomfortable.  I can no longer lie to myself.  The power for me is in my food choices.  When I eat this way, I feel healthy.

Today I found myself saying to someone else that it isn't about what you CAN NOT HAVE.  (Although in the beginning it really feels that way!) It's about eating in a way that you feel healthy and happy.   If you think about what you are missing, it seems way harder than it actually is.  I enjoy my Sunday meal planning.  I have come to LOVE fresh, beautiful veggies.  (I actually texted a picture of an onion to a friend today who I knew would understand.  Sometimes an onion is the most beautiful thing in the world!)

So, I am going to continue the challenge so that I feel better, continue to change and can support my friends who are out there embarking on this journey for themselves.  If you are out there - I am so very proud of your strength and bravery to try this.  I promise you, if you stick with it, you will be very happy.

(A bonus pepper for you to enjoy!)