Day 19: I love my friends.

I always knew I had the best friends in the world, but this challenge has proved it.  I had two experiences this weekend that highlighted how great my friends are.  One was how I went over to spend Friday evening with one of my closest friends and her family.  Her husband chopped a cucumber for me to nosh on while we sat there chatting and her little girls kept coming over to steal bites of fresh veggie.  It was so great to feel like I was able to stay on track, feel comfortable with my food choices, and be around people who I love and who love me.  It feels amazing to be supported by close friends. (thanks Matt and Megan!)

Then on Saturday night, we were invited over to another couple's house, and even though we hadn't seen this couple in MONTHS, because of this blog they knew I was doing this crazy experiment.  So they prepared for our dinner by going to Whole Foods, reading labels, and making the most delicious sugar free, dairy free, gluten free dinner I have ever had.  It touched me more than they'll ever know, just because they cared enough about me and my health to go out of their way to prepare a special feast. (thanks Cheri and Nick!)

I think because I'm doing this for my health, so I can enjoy a long(er), vibrant life, it touches me to get support from others.  In our culture, so much we do is surrounded by food and alcohol, and it feels good to know that the people closest to me are in my corner.

At the end of my yoga classes, I always suggest to my class to offer some gratitude to those people in their lives that support them, surround them in love, and lift them up.  I am beyond grateful to ALL of the people who have supported me through this adventure, either by helping me through the hard times (I'm thinking of AG, who spent time figuring out the difference between tonic and soda water while standing at a crowded bar with me!) or just by being out their reading this blog.  It warms my heart, and honestly is how I can say "NO" to any idea of "cheating".   I love you all.

Here's a picture of my dinner Saturday night.  YUM.