Day 18: Some pictures of food.

With my lifestyle 'adjustment' this month, I've become a bit obnoxious about taking pictures of my food.  I use my iphone, so the quality isn't superb, but you'll get the idea.  The truth is, I eat some really attractive food!  I also use an app called The Eatery (find it in your local app place) where you have random people from all over the world rate how "healthy" your food is.  It's a fun little app, and I'm proud to say my rating is pretty awesome.

Here is my new spaghetti...zucchini sliced into little noodles, cooked in a bit of olive oil with garlic and hot peppers.  Divine.  Like I've said before though, you can't pretend this is ACTUALLY pasta, or the disappointment will eat you alive.  It's just a similar experience.  It tastes like zucchini.

Grilled chicken, with my spicy jicama salad, and a few grapes. I made so much of this, that I ate it for 4 meals straight. The jury is still out for me on jicama.  (This sentence wants to auto correct to Jamaica!) Ground turkey with onions, green peppers, Italian spices, and tomatoes.  Again, a major staple for me. It's easy, quick and makes enough for 3 meals or so. This was my haul from the farmers market.  The food looked so fresh and pure, it gave me supreme joy.  I don't know why, but now I appreciate this more than ever.  I've always been a fan of the market, and eating local. Now, though, it makes me feel healthier to know that this came from within 25 miles of my house, and the harvest is really a part of my life.   I bought up the last of the basil, and made an awesome walnut pesto.  I was so obsessed with NOT putting cheese in it that I totally spaced putting GARLIC in it.  Duh.  But it still tastes amazing, and the Englishman just ate entire jar of it.  So, I'm hoping to find a bit more basil and do it again, the right way!  This is a pretty typical lunch for me. Grilled chicken, some cukes, sweet potatoes and peaches.  This is something that has to be thought about ahead of time, so that's why the Sunday cook up really helped. Can't you just SMELL this basil?  I'm not ready for fall yet.....

So just some photo evidence of how great life is.  I hope you enjoyed the pics!