Day 15: Stress. Sucks.

So, the topic today is stress.  I had a stressful day.  I had 5 appointments scheduled, and not one, not two, not three, BUT FIVE of FIVE appointments didn't show up.  It was one of those strange days where you feel like a contestant on Big Brother, where someone is laughing at you from behind a mirrored wall.

Add to that some other drama that made me behave badly, but really in the best interest of my family, and I was a hot mess of bundled stress. I phoned my Englishman, ended up biting his head off, and found myself crying in the aisle at Target because I couldn't find the organic grass fed beef I like.  Tragic.

BIG confession time: Prior to my experiment (uh, like 15 days ago!), if I was feeling stress in the aisles of Target, I would have picked up a special "treat" to make myself feel better.  That would be something packaged, processed, highly sugary, and fatty.  It would be cookies or cakes or donuts or maybe even a piece of pound cake from Starbucks.  It may have been ice cream, or a pizza, or a bottle of wine.  I may have even stopped at the neighborhood PDQ gas station for some sugar cookies.  I would have eaten it (honestly, I would have snarfed it down quickly, greedily, and shamefully), and not told a soul.  I would have reveled in the feeling of "fullness" and satisfaction that comes from a high-carb sugary treat. Almost a peaceful feeling.

Today, amongst the stress and disappointment of the day, I didn't stress eat.   I didn't even realize this until Nick pointed it out, but I didn't even THINK about it.  It didn't occur to me.  I let out some stress through my Target tears (I think Target Tears is a good band name, non?) and I sent an apology to my better half, and I went to pick up my son early from school, because I knew that would make me feel better.  Voila.

I can't even begin to tell you what a huge accomplishment that was, and I didn't even NOTICE that I did it.  The Englishman said, "that in and of itself makes today a good day."

I couldn't agree more.