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How to Know When You Need To Slow Down

Right after I write this post, I am heading to a yoga class. SLOWLY.

I've been running at about 100mph for the last few months and it's really starting to catch up with me.  Last night my husband and I had a huge "come to Buddha" meeting, where we talked a great deal about energy.  Specifically MY energy and how it was leaking out all over the place like a garden hose with 100000 pin holes in it.

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Meet Trisha Cassady: Inspirational Yogi

My favorite universal phenomenon is when someone appears on your doorstep exactly when you need them to. This happened this week when I met, through the amazing Internet, Luke Cassady-Dorion.  Luke is a filmmaker and yoga teacher living in Bangkok, Thailand. He found me through my writing and sent me a short film he thought I would enjoy.

What I saw moved me to tears.

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grief + asana: the yoga of opening the soul

Yesterday I cried quietly for the entire duration of a yoga class.  It wasn't my intention at all to "release" anything during practice, in fact when I bopped into the studio, I thought I was feeling quite chipper.  Look at me, I'm doing FINE.  Everything is A-OK. The real question is how are you? (deflect, deflect, deflect)

Class began. I took my first breath.  My teacher said "gather yourself" and as I exhaled deeply from my gathered inhale, I felt the emotion rise up from deep within my body and the raging river of tears swelled up and tumbled to the mat.  A river of silent tears.

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The 'Roaring Tiger' Trick to Calm Your Kids

Let me set the stage for this story. It is 7:26am in my house. The sun was slowly rising behind the gray clouds that are a common feature in the midwest during the winter months. My 6-year-old son wanted to stay in bed, nestled warmly in his Teenage Mutant Ninja comforter.  He was groggy and not afraid to express his opinion that school was so unbelievably boring and a complete waste of time. For breakfast he rejected eggs and fruit. He wanted chocolate cupcakes. He demanded to understand why video games are not allowed in the morning. Why can't he wear pajamas to school? Oranges aren't healthy, they are gross. He stomped. He sassed. He muttered sarcastically under his breath. He slammed the bathroom door when reminded to brush his teeth. 

Somewhere into this Oscar worthy performance, I lost my good humor and sunny disposition. 

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