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How to Know When You Need To Slow Down

Right after I write this post, I am heading to a yoga class. SLOWLY.

I've been running at about 100mph for the last few months and it's really starting to catch up with me.  Last night my husband and I had a huge "come to Buddha" meeting, where we talked a great deal about energy.  Specifically MY energy and how it was leaking out all over the place like a garden hose with 100000 pin holes in it.

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Meet Trisha Cassady: Inspirational Yogi

My favorite universal phenomenon is when someone appears on your doorstep exactly when you need them to. This happened this week when I met, through the amazing Internet, Luke Cassady-Dorion.  Luke is a filmmaker and yoga teacher living in Bangkok, Thailand. He found me through my writing and sent me a short film he thought I would enjoy.

What I saw moved me to tears.

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grief + asana: the yoga of opening the soul

Yesterday I cried quietly for the entire duration of a yoga class.  It wasn't my intention at all to "release" anything during practice, in fact when I bopped into the studio, I thought I was feeling quite chipper.  Look at me, I'm doing FINE.  Everything is A-OK. The real question is how are you? (deflect, deflect, deflect)

Class began. I took my first breath.  My teacher said "gather yourself" and as I exhaled deeply from my gathered inhale, I felt the emotion rise up from deep within my body and the raging river of tears swelled up and tumbled to the mat.  A river of silent tears.

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