Taking the Leap and Living the Dream

I'm writing this blog from my back porch overlooking a lush green rolling cornfield. I can hear the birds chirping and the wind in the trees (in the interest of full disclosure, I can also hear the construction workers down the street talking some serious trash, but I am choosing to tune that out.) The sun is shining. The kiddo is back in school and it's 8:45 in the morning. Hot coffee is by my side and my dog is laying at my feet. 

This is the first week that I am living my dream. I mean really living it. 

Last week I quit my extremely safe, extremely wonderful, steady paying full-time job. I did this so that I could focus my energy in the direction I wanted my life to head and not live in fear. I've made the choice to spend the rest of my life doing the work I really want to do. I want to spent the rest of my working days dedicated to service and healing and living the creative life I am meant to live - on my own terms. 

When I've told people that I quit my job, they react in some amusing ways. A few think I am totally insane and tell me that no matter what, I can always get another job. (True, but I won't.)

Some tell me that I'm brave. That they wish they could do what I'm doing. (They can!)

One person told me that I was selfish and ridiculous and that my husband was a saint. (He totally is, duh.)

Many have told me that they honor my choice. These are the ones that understand what I've been through, and that I have learned that life is so precious and short, and we really don't have a lot of time to live our dreams.

I'm finally ready to trust myself. I am finally ready to practice what I preach. To take a deep breath and do what is best for me. Yeah, it took awhile, but I finally got it. I'm hoping we can be done with the cancer scares now. I'm going to honor what my body has been telling me for years. STOP HIDING, KATIE HILL.

I am kicking off the fall honoring my need to take good care of my health. I am cooking, exercising, making time for yoga and meditation. I am kicking my health issues smack in the ass. I am home when my son gets off the bus and I hear about his day, ("it was fine, Mom".)  I am accessible to him in a way I haven't been before.  I've got my priorities straight.

I am going to make my living doing the things I do the best. I will coach, teach, and lead retreats. I will write and create and inspire. I don't even know what it will all look like, but I'm trusting myself to figure it out. 

Is it brave? Sure. I'm facing the fear and uncertainty and breathing into what I know in my heart and highest good to be true. 

This is the life I am meant to live. 

Are you living the life you're meant to live? ( It doesn't mean you have to quit your job by the way!) Why or why not? Leave me a note below...I'm really interested:)