Happy Birthday to ME

On May 28th, I turned 40.  This was an important milestone for me, and as you can see from me taking an entire month off this blog, I had a very, very good time.  

My big gift this year was going to be a Mercedes GLK.  I have had my eye on this super extravagant vehicle for over one year, and I've been quietly hiding money away in anticipation of purchasing it.  I justified my luxury consumerism with the fact that I work really, really hard and I deserve nice things.  Especially for turning 40!

Time came to pull the trigger, and I just couldn't do it.  It seemed like too much, too much of of something that I really didn't need. I felt that I wasn't ready for such a car, and that I was more VW material.   

So, instead I bought myself a VitaMix.   

Best decision 'EVA.

I am not being dramatic when I tell you how much I love this blender.  It has been rainbows, unicorns, and green smoothies for me.  I think this thing would blend a Boeing 777 if you needed to do that, so needless to say, kale and rainbow chard are no match.  Just having it makes me feel healthy.  

Maybe when I'm 50 I'll get the GLK.  Maybe I'll just go for a vintage VW Bus.  Call me a hippie, call me granola, but my health is the greatest luxury a girl of 40 can ask for!

Here are some KILLA green smoothie recipes for you to enjoy.