Day Five: Love your body

I taught 2 sold out yoga classes in the past two days, and I was filled with such awe and inspiration from all the new people trying hot yoga, as well as my regular students who didn't shy from their studio even though it's packed.   So many different bodies, different shapes, each unique and supremely beautiful.  I know they don't always see what I see, but it's so amazing to see 40 or 50 people all breathing and moving together.   It takes my breath away. 

I was thinking about how hard we all are on our bodies.  How every single time i teach a class I hear people talking about their bodies with a distain and dislike (hate?) as if perfection is always just a tight back or fat roll away.   We, as people, are so reluctant to accept where we are RIGHT NOW.  I think RIGHT NOW is kind of uncomfortable. So, it's more fun and interesting to think about how much better we'll be if only.....

I was looking through my pictures on my computer and the image on the left came up.  My husband noticed her (uh, duh..) and said "oh my...who's that hottie?"   Thanks to the supreme universe, I married a guy who loves curvy women.   She's so beautiful, yet somewhat far from "perfect" by some people's standards.    Yet,  the beautiful image, coupled with the message, really resonated with me tonight.  

I do so much better on my Whole30, and in my life, when I love myself up a bit, and then feel worthy of the effort it takes to maintain this lifestyle.  I already feel changes in my body (hollah!!!, Day 5).  I feel a bit less puffy. I'm less hungry.  I'm still thinking that everyone ELSE is crabby, so hopefully that will clear up before work on Monday. 

Tomorrow, I am planning on really taking good care of my body, with yoga, with a nap, with some yummy food, and a nice bubble bath.  Dammit, I deserve it.