Heading into 2013

January is right around the corner, and I'm excited for the changes that are coming my way.  I am devoting January to taking good care of my self, eating well, doing some yoga and some much needed meditation.   I have totally, and I mean totally, gone off the rails this past month (or two), so I'm heading into the New Year with high hopes, energy, and let me tell you...a solid plan. 

I've been thinking about the food I want to eat, and how I want to treat my body this year.  I will undoubtably blog more about it, but I am going into the month knowing that a LOT can change in as little as 30 days. I know that after 30 days of clean eating, I will have a different (and I think better) perspective on life, and my clothes will fit better.  I won't be so moody, and I'll sleep through the night.  I know these things because I've done it before.  Sadly, I let myself go back to my deep habit grooves, and let work and the business of life get ahead in my line of priorities.  
I have had an amazing 2012.  I can't believe how fast time goes.  
Here's to taking it one day, one moment at a time and going into 2013 with a sense of excitement and new possibilities.