Day 1: Excitement and Anxiety

So, dear readers, today is Day 1, for my SECOND whole30.  Only this time I am bringing along 30 of my friends!  This is the beginning of a whole new way of life, a whole new way of feeding and nurturing your body, and I'm beyond excited to think about how it may effect others the way my first Whole30 effected me.  (I'm never sure on Effect vs. please don't judge if I'm misusing that word).

You may be feeling a lot of things on this inaugural day, and that's totally normal.  I offer you a thought for the day.

The next 30 days are about eating whole, nutritious, nurturing foods for your body.  It's about taking care of YOU, it's about eating food that is nutrient dense, healthy, and makes you feel better.  

It's about saying "no" to foods that are poisonous to your health and yes to foods that honor your body.  We only get one precious body, so let's take good care of it!

By focusing on all the wonderful, nutrient dense, healthy food we CAN eat, rather than what we can't have, it makes the 30 days go much faster and makes you feel like you are doing this for the best possible love yourself.