On Your Mark.....Get Ready....Whole30!

October 1st is right around the corner, and currently there are 20 "known" participants in my October 1st Dragonfly Hot Yoga / Whole30 challenge.  If you haven't signed up, please do so, and I will send you helpful tips and tricks along the way.  (Note: if you stumble upon this after October 1st, you can still join us!  Just send me an email and we can talk!) I am beyond inspired and excited to get started.

This post is to provide you with a few helpful, and useful tips and tricks to your engines revved up and ready to go.  

First of all, for an overview of the Whole30 program, make sure you read this.  It is important to know all the "rules" for participating in this challenge, so you don't inadvertently sabotage yourself. 

Next, clean you cupboard.  Get rid of ALL the food that is not on our Whole30 challenge.  If you have a family, and they are not doing the challenge, make sure that you separate their food from where you'll be reaching for your staples.  I had a whole cupboard for sugary and carby foods that I didn't even think about opening!

Next: plan your shopping trip.  Here is a shopping list.  You will find that you are shopping the perimeter of the grocery store, but don't forget to stop in the frozen food aisle to pick up some frozen veggies.  Many days on my challenge were saved by throwing in two bags of frozen chopped veggies and pairing with a protein like chicken.   It also made me feel like I always had something on hand, so I wouldn't "starve". 

Think about your Sunday cook up.  If you have purchased Well-Fed, the whole front of the book is dedicated to preparing your meals for the week.  The whole idea is that if you stay prepped, you will not fail.  I was just telling the story yesterday to someone that I very literally carry raw veggies and baked chicken with me everywhere I go. I always have it on me.  That way I am never without food.  I ate this at baseball games, at work meetings, in airports, at a doctor's appointment.  It made me feel like i was never without a snack.  I also always have a bag of coconut flakes and almonds in my purse for emergencies.

This Sunday, I will be cooking the following:

  • Garlic, onion ground beef (great with eggs in the morning)
  • An egg and veggie frittata for breakfasts
  • 2# ground turkey
  • 2.5# of baked chicken (one pound with Italian spices and one with chili spices)
  • A big batch of chocolate chili
  • Steam broccoli and green beans
  • Chop carrots, cukes, peppers, onions and zucchini.

This will last me a good chunk of the week.  The ground turkey will be make into a lot of different meat/veggie mix-ups, which leave me feeling full and satisfied.

Make sure you check out and download the "It Starts With Food" extras.  Super helpful.

Our first support meeting will be after Slow Flow on Friday night in Fitchburg (8pm) and after Flow in Middleton on Sunday (12:45).

Note: Make sure to friend me on Facebook, so I can add you to our super private group.  We are all in this together to support and encourage each other. 


Here is your inspirational video of the day!