Day 7: A week into this crazy experiment

Day 7:  My pants fit looser.  My skin feels firmer.  My shoes feel looser.  (yes, shoes!) My mood is better.  I have more energy.  My energy feels stabilized.  I I feel like a new person.

I can't WAIT to see what happens in 3 more weeks!

Some friends have asked me for resources so I wanted to share a few here:

The Clothes Make The Girl:  A great website about Paleo living from a former roller derby badass.  I love it.

Well Fed;  The aforementioned badass's cookbook.  I love this cookbook.  She has a lot of the recipes on her website, but it's great to have them in one place. - the website that inspired me.

Kathleen Shannon's take on this adventure:  Just one of my favorite bloggers who is also doing the challenge.

I'll give more resources later on.  Now, time to watch the Olympics;)