Day 6: A totally regular day - Wooohooo!

Today is Monday, and I am on day 6.  The cool and amazing thing today is that I didn't even think about my "diet".  I prepared and planned ahead for my day and that really did the trick.

For breakfast I had scrambled eggs and some garlic ground beef from Well Fed, some coffee, and some fresh cherries.  It took me awhile to eat it all, and I felt totally satisfied.  I didn't even get hunger pains before lunch, which is a serious change in my life!  I felt like I had enough energy to motor through the morning.

I had a lunch date, and went to a place I knew I could get a Paleo friendly meal. I ate some salad with grilled chicken, walnuts, and cherries with balsamic dressing. Delicious.  It made me feel full and ready to go through the afternoon.

Right around 3, I started to feel shaky and hungry. Luckily, I brought with me some grilled chicken and cucumbers for a snack.  Took care of that. Bam.

Then, a workout.  I dragged ass during my workout.  I had NO energy. It was hard.  I'm just happy I got through it.

Dinner was some leftover beef from breakfast, and an entire bag of frozen mixed veggies. You know you're hungry when you can eat those.  They were rather wet and not that delicious.  Tomorrow it will be fresh veggies.

I'm psyched because food wasn't on my mind all day today, and I felt like I had more even energy.  I'm going to ROCK THIS way of life!  I just hope I can keep up the momentum and enthusiasm.