Day 1: Sugar, you are a total bitch.

Day One:  It's right now 6:45pm, and I'm hungry.  I just watched my 4 year old eat a ice cream bar.  I opened the package for him, and normally I would take a "tax".  Just a little bite off the top.  Makes me wonder how often I did that.  Probably 20 lbs often.

I am for sure feeling withdrawal from the sugar (already?).  I feel irritable, a bit shaky, and a bit hungry.  It's amazing to me how powerful sugar is.  After lunch, I immediately wanted something sweet, but even gum is off limits. At 2pm, my usual dip in energy happened, and I really wanted to dig into a cookie/brownie/cracker/anything carb.  I ate a peach and some almonds, which helped a bit. That 2pm habit is one of the measures I am going to use to see how I change.  I know that this is a problem time for me.

So, here are some pictures of what I ate today.



And I'll tell you what, I didn't have a picture of my dinner food, because, well.... I ate it so fast and furiously that I didn't remember to snap a shot. So, I had grilled chicken wraps (wrapped in lettuce) with a bit of avocado.

I'm such a creature of habit, that I am sitting here right now, thinking that I'm going to have my after dinner sweets.

Sugar, you are a total bitch. I've heard that quitting sugar is like quitting heroin. I'm here to tell you that, I'm sure (but not from personal experience), that it is NOT true. I'd wager that quitting heroin is much, much worse. However, it's evident that sugar effects my brain in a way I'm not so comfy with, and that my go-to foods are pretty carb based. I'm trusting my friends Melissa Hartwig and her hottie husband Dallas, in that this will get better and that my life will change forever. So far on Day One, the jury is out.

Ps.  Another funny note: The web designer in me is FREAKING about the formatting of these pictures, but I'm too tired and crabby to deal with it tonight.  So, I'm going to look back on this first post and cringe. Please don't judge me:)